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This Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy regulates the processing of personal data of the users (henceforth “User” or “Users”), gathered in the scope of the use of the website Grupo M. Caetano (henceforth “Site”, by Grupo M. Caetano, as the responsible entity for the processing.

The provision of personal data implies the knowledge and agreement of the conditions present in this Privacy Policy.

The present Privacy Policy is complemented by the Terms of Use, available on https://www.grupomcaetano.com.

Collection and processing of personal data

Accessing and using the Site does not imply the provision of personal data by the User.

However, the use of certain features of the Site, such as filling forms of information requests, will imply the provision of personal identification (name) and contact (address, e-mail, telephone) data.

Grupo M. Caetano is responsible for gathering and processing the personal data of the Users of the Site, under the terms and for the purposes indicated in the applicable legislation of personal data protection.

Such data will be processed by Grupo M. Caetano to make all the necessary pre-contractual arrangements as per the request of potential clients through our form provided on https://www.grupomcaetano.com. Through the agreement of the User, the Users’ data might also be processed when they contact us for any clarifications through our form provided on https://www.grupomcaetano.com or to receive marketing communications (namely, campaigns and promotions about our services and products, as well as to subscribe our newsletter.

User rights

Under the terms of the applicable legislation, Users might exercise, at any moment, the rights related to their personal data:

Right of Access: confirm which are their personal data that are processed as well as a copy of the personal data in the processing stage;

Right of Rectification: request the rectification of their personal data that are inaccurate or request that their incomplete personal data are completed;

Right of Erasure: get their personal data erased as long as no valid justification is found for its conservation;

Right of Limiting Processing: request the limitation of the processing of their personal data, requiring the suspension of the processing or the limitation of the processing scope to certain data categories or processing purposes;

Right of Portability: receive the data digitally provided of common use and of automatic reading or request the direct transmission of their data to another entity that becomes the new responsible for their personal data;

Right of Opposition: oppose, at any moment, to data processing in case of, for example, data processing for marketing purposes;

Right of Opposition to decision-making based on the exclusively automatized processing: not being subject to any decision exclusively taken based on an automatic treatment, including the definition of profiles, which produces effects on their judicial sphere or that significantly affects the User in a similar manner.

Under the terms of the law, Users also have the right to, through the referred means, remove their consent for data processing for the indicated purposes, whenever the processing is made based on the consent, however not invalidating the processing performed until that date based on the previously given consent.

To exercise any of the above-referred rights, Users must submit a request in writing addressed to Grupo M. Caetano to the following contact: E-mail: geral@grupomcaetano.com

Personal data preservation

The gathered personal data will be processed in strict accordance with the applicable legislation. The personal data will be stored and conserved only for the necessary period for the purposes to which they were gathered, in accordance with the above-identified.

Sharing personal data

Grupo M. Caetano might transmit your data to subcontractor entities for the above-referred effects, under the terms of the contracts celebrated with such entities. The data of the User might also be communicated to a third-party when the transmission is made in the scope of the compliance of a legal obligation, a deliberation of the National Commission of Data Protection, or another entity of relevant control, or judicial order; or when the communication is performed to protect vital interests of the Users or any other legitimate finality in accordance with the law.

Safety Measures

Grupo M. Caetano uses its best endeavors to protect the personal data of Users against non-authorized access through the Internet. In order to so, security systems, rules, and other procedures are used, in order to ensure the protection of personal data, as well as to prevent the non-authorized access to the data, its misuse, disclosure, loss, or destruction. However, Users are responsible for ensuring and assuring that the computer used to access the Site is properly protected against malign software, computer virus, and worms. Additionally, Users must be aware that, without the adoption of adequate security measures (for example, a safe configuration of the browser, an updated antivirus software, and the non-use of dubious origin software) there is the aggravated risk that personal data and passwords are accessed by a non-authorized third-party.

Cookies Policy

A cookie is a piece of information that is automatically stored on the computer or mobile device of users when they access some Sites. Cookies identify the browser on the server, allowing the storage of information in order to, for example, improve the User experience, as well as to analyze and review the Site performance.

Cookies – What type of cookies exist? There are several types of cookies. Considering the operating life of cookies, they can be:

(a) Permanent Cookies – are cookies that are stored, even after Users close the browser, on the access device (PC, mobile, and tablet) and that used whenever new access is made to one of our websites or applications. These are generally used to direct the navigation to the User interests, allowing us to provide a more customized service.

(b) Session Cookies – there are temporary cookies that remain in the cookies file of your browser until you leave the website or application. The information obtained through these cookies is used to analyze traffic patterns on the web, allowing us to identify problems and provide a better browsing user experience. Considering, on the other hand, the domain to which cookies belong, they can be:

(c) own cookies – cookies that are sent to the terminal equipment of the user through equipment or a domain managed by Grupo M. Caetano and through which the user-requested service is provided.

(d) third-party cookies – cookies sent to the terminal equipment of the user through equipment or a domain that is not managed by Grupo M. Caetano but rather by another entity that processes the data gathered through the cookies.

All browsers allow Users to accept, refuse, or delete cookies, namely by selecting the appropriate setting on their browser.

If the privacy setting of your browser is defined as “High”, you will not be able to access some of our services and might be prevented from fully using all the features of our websites or applications. To solve this issue, add our Internet addresses to the list of allowed websites in the privacy setting of your browser, such as, for example: https://www.grupomcaetano.com. If you are accessing our websites through a business computer and can not access our website, the problem might be related to the corporate security settings of the computer. WE recommend that you contact the system administrator.

To obtain more information about cookies in general and/or how to deactivate them, Users can visit www.allaboutcookies.org, where they can find information about how to manage the browsing settings.

However, note that by deactivating cookies, Users might affect, partially or totally, their experience while browsing the Site. Complaints

Without prejudice of any other mean of administrative or judicial appeal, Users have the right to present a complaint to the supervisory authority that is competent under the terms of the law (CNPD, Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados (National Commission for Data Protection), if they consider that the data processing performed by Grupo M. Caetano breaks the legal regime in force at each moment.

Questions and suggestions

Users might contact Grupo M. Caetano regarding all questions related to the data processing of their personal data and with the exercise of their rights under the applicable legislation and, in special, referred in the present Policy, through the following contacts: E-mail: geral@grupomcaetano.com

Changes to the privacy policy and cookies policy

Grupo M. Caetano reserves the right to, at any moment, change the present terms of personal data processing. These changes will be properly publicized on the Site. However, whenever relevant changes are made for the User regarding cookies, Users will see a pop-up window again so that, according to the concerned type of cookie, they can access information and/or consent its use and storage.